Our Price Package



  Before GST After GST
Pre-epiLASIK Evaluation  $35.00 $37.50
Clearvision epiLASIK Package Price (both eyes) $3,288.00 $3,518.20


SafeSight TransPRK


  Before GST After GST
Pre-SafeSight TransPRK Evaluation $35.00 $37.50
Clearvision Safe Sight TransPRK Package Price (both eyes) $3,388.00  $3,625.20


Enhancement Surgery


  Before GST After GST
Enhancement Surgery
Enhancement surgery per eye (if needed, within the first 5 years of surgery) $900.00 $963.00




The Clearvison epiLASIK & Safe Sight TransPRK procedure is customized, wavefront-guided and our package price comprises of:

  1. Initial Set of Medications
  1. One pair of UV-protected sunglasses
  1. Post-op Reviews for one month

Add-on: Corneal Cross-Linking (CXL)


See strong – Corneal Cross-Linking or CXL is an add-on procedure that is incorporated into your Safe Sight TransPRK procedure which helps to strengthen your cornea and lock-in the longevity of your post Safe Sight TransPRK vision. Learn more about CXL here.

  Before GST After GST
Corneal Cross-Linking (one eye) $600.00 $642.00
Corneal Cross-Linking (both eyes) $1,200.00 $1,284.00



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*Updated on 5th of February