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Eye Consultation

Apart from specializing in laser vision correction, Eye Doctors at Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre also sees patients for routine eye examinations, medical treatment and surgical treatment of eye diseases. Patients often see our eye doctors for various eye complains and conditions such as:

Likely Causes
Blur vision Dry Eyes
Spectacles Related
Presbyopia (middle-age long sightedness)
Retina Diseases
Cornea Diseases
Optic Nerve Diseases
Floaters Benign Floaters
Retina Tear / Hole
Retina Detachment
Posterior Vitreous Detachment
Eye Pain Acute Glaucoma
Eye Infection / Inflammation
Eye Lid Infection
Red / Pink Eyes Conjunctivitis
Keratitis (Cornea Infection)
Uveitis (Inflammation)
Acute Glaucoma
Eye Allergy

There are also eye diseases that do not have any early symptoms. If these eye diseases are not picked up early, they can cause irreversible vision damage.

Likely Causes
No Symptoms Glaucoma
Retina Tear / Hole
Early Cataract

Consultation Charges

Short Consultation (up to 10 mins): $80 to $120
Long Consultation (11 to 20 mins): $90 to $150
Subsequent Consultation : $60 to $90
Eye Tests : >From $50

Please call the following telephone numbers to book an appointment for the respective eye doctors

Dr Tony Ho, Ophthalmologist Appointment Tel (65) 6733 5188
Consultation Location: Eye Care Clinic @ Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Eastern Specialist Centre