Treat Presbyopia in Only 20 Seconds!

The next big thing in laser eye surgery is here. INTRACOR uses femtosecond laser technology to biomechanically manipulate the cornea shape without even the need to remove or cut any cornea tissue.

If you have problems with reading and computer work, then INTRACOR may be the solution for you. INTRACOR not only treats your near vision, but also maintains good vision for intermediate and distance. Our eye surgeon will be able to determine if you are a suitable candidate for INTRACOR after going through a complete eye examination.

During INTRACOR treatment, an all-Laser process creates ring patterns of very small separations between the cornea tissues. This takes only 20 seconds! This treatment pattern makes the treated area adjustable by the fluid pressure from inside the eye.


During this window period where reshaping of the cornea is made possible by the treatment, pressure from inside the eye pushes the cornea forward. This only happens in the central 2 to 3 mm of the cornea. Once the treated area loses its treated patterns due to healing, the cornea would have been reshaped permanently.

How INTRACOR Improves Your Reading?

By adjusting the central 3 millimeters of your cornea to focus for near objects, INTRACOR spares the rest of the cornea for distance vision. Therefore, INTRACOR does not make distance objects blurry, unlike Mono-vision.

Unlike conventional laser corrections, the INTRACOR procedure maintains the natural shape of the eye during the procedure to provide a personalized and accurate treatment.

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